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"Modeling" for your kids.

As a parent, you influence your child's basic values and issues related to their future.

Our kids learn from our healthy relationships, affection, kindness, gratitude, healthy eating, life skills, acts and words of love, and they may also copy unhealthy or toxic behaviours in their own future relationships. Manipulation and parental alienation is also a form of emotional abuse.

Long-term emotional abuse can be a result of several health problems, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, chronic pain, and more. Studies show that severe emotional abuse can be as powerful as physical abuse. Over time, both can contribute to low self-esteem and depression. You may develop anxiety.

*How to Heal From Emotional Abuse*

Recognise Emotional Abuse

Change Negative Thoughts

Self Care


Know When to Seek Help

Remember, you are the master of your own happiness. Kindness makes us happier. Kindness makes us stronger.

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In general, a relationship is emotionally abusive when there is a consistent pattern of abusive words and bullying behaviours that wear down a person's self-esteem and undermine their mental health.
There are several red flags of emotional abuse. Keep in mind that even if your partner, parent (step), co-worker, or friend only does a handful of these things versus doing them all, your relationship with them is still emotionally abusive.
Protect your children from being exposed to emotional abuse. Don’t teach them that sometimes adults fight. Teach children how they should be respected and be respectful. ALWAYS BE KIND. #teachyourchildrenrespect #mentalhealthawareness #trauma #postivemindset #bearolemodel #Respect #strength 

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