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Positive Feedback

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

I have received some unbelievable, sincere messages from people about The Mindful Miner page that has positively impacted their lives.

Below, I have shared one of those messages, hoping that this person's story might touch someone who feels they’re facing tough times alone and could really benefit from reading it. You’re not alone!

Hi The Mindful Miner,

I have been following your page and wanted to pass on how brave you are for sharing your story. Congratulations on your book and engagement.

I was a single dad and reading your page helped me process my depression. I went through the emotions of grief from my separation. I was sad, lonely, hopeless and empty, extremely tired from lack of sleep, headaches, in a dark place, consuming a lot of alcohol, anger issues and reckless driving. The list goes on….. Your tool videos helped me work on the positive processes I needed to follow to get my life back on track. My children loved your book. You spoke a lot about communication, fitness, focus on what you can control and being present. I took them all on board.

I wanted to thank you. Keep posting and changing lives. I have read so many mental health pages and I must admit, knowing you have struggled yourself and bounced back has touched me. I felt I could relate and your tools saved me. You helped me understand that even when you are at your lowest, it’s OK…. Focus on the positive. And guess what!!? From changing where my energy was going, I have found my queen…

Things do happen for a reason. Better things are ahead. We need more people like you in this world.

Gratitude to you Mate,

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